Tom Dunn for Congress

Why am I running?

My name is Tom Dunn and I am a Conservative Republican running for US Congress in the South Carolina 7th District because America needs ferocious conservative lions in Washington, unafraid to stand in the face of the evil Socialists who want to tear America apart. And bold champions unafraid to stand up against so-called conservative republicans who have been too long willing to go-along to get along, those who cave in and enable our enemies, hoping “to fight another day.”

The battle is now; the battle is on our doorstep.

Unfortunately, the men and women conservatives elect have failed in standing up and stopping our enemies. And the swamp grows bigger. Weak, virtue-signaling, lay-down Republicans like Tom Rice and Nancy Mace are not only part of the problem, they ARE the problem because they would rather fold than fight.

That’s why I’m running. A conservative area like ours deserves a strong conservative champion who will boldly fight for what we believe and defend our Judeo-Christian values. I don’t see any other candidate in this race ready to go to Washington and do what is needed to stop, obstruct, delay, and block the Socialist Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi Agenda.


This battle is spiritual. The battle is existential. The enemy is evil, and they hate us and want to destroy America and turn us into a weak Western European-style Socialist Welfare State dominated by China and no longer free.

The evidence is clear, and it’s all around us.

The left wants to destroy our history, cancel our shared culture, strip us of our freedoms, and make an ash heap of the United States of America.

To stop them and take our country back, conservative, morally courageous GOP representatives are needed — people who understand the true nature of the battle, who can’t be compromised and won’t be turned.

The Republican Party has some warriors in Congress: Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to name a few. But they need backup and that’s why I’m running. I look forward to working with these great conservatives to block the Biden Agenda and undo it when Republicans take back the White House in four years.

Your financial support will allow me to get my message out over the crowd of career politicians, celebrities, and scammers seeking to take on our vulnerable Congressman. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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