Proudly America-First. Unashamedly Standing Against Socialists.

I’m running because we need conservative lions in congress — truth-telling warriors unafraid to stand up against evil socialists who want to tear America apart from the inside, and against pathetic lay-down Republicans who have enabled our enemies with weak opposition, hoping to “fight another day.”

The battle is now; the battle is on our doorstep.

Fighting To Keep AMERICA First

Never before has our nation fought against so many internal enemies — people within our own government who hate America and want to see her destroyed with open-borders, one-sided America Last Globalist trade deals, and a creeping cancel culture that is dividing and destroying our nation.

My stand on Abortion: I am proudly and unashamedly PRO-Life

I have been a Christian since I was 17 years old, and my understanding of when life begins has been shaped by a lifetime relationship with God and study of His word, the Holy Bible. In the old testament book of Jeremiah, God says to the prophet, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” It is clear that life begins at conception, and science has proven this to be true over and over again. Ending the life of a vulnerable and innocent child in the womb is murder, pure and simple, and abortion is a sin and a stain on our nation’s conscience. I will work tirelessly to bring abortion to an end in America.

My Stand on the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is clear and unequivocal… “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” ANY requirement, law, statute, or ordinance, by any local, state, or federal government that inhibits the people’s right to bear arms, for any lawful purpose, is repugnant to the Constitution. I believe states, including South Carolina, should enact clear and concise Constitution Carry legislation, removing all requirements for fees, training, or permits for a person to own or carry a firearm. I also believe it is We the People’s responsibility to obtain all training necessary to be able to safely exercise our right to bear arms, and we should hold one another accountable to this, within our families, neighborhoods, communities, and churches.

Standing Up For Our Conservative Values

The left is challenging our American culture and our Judeo-Christian values and South Carolina needs conservatives in Congress who will protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, not just vote “the right way” and complain about being powerless. America needs leaders who will block, obstruct, delay, and stop every single item in the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer radical Socialist Open Borders Green New Deal neo-Marxist agenda.

Stop Runaway Government Spending

The recently passed COVID “relief” bill is an example of everything that’s wrong in this country, as radical Democrats – and sorry lay-down Republicans – buy votes with money we borrow from China. It’s time to make major and significant reductions in federal welfare programs and subsidies and return power to taxpayers.

Get US Out of the United Nations

America can only remain free and strong if we retain our sovereignty as an independent nation. The United Nations increasingly seeks to undermine American sovereignty and steer us toward total domination by the globalists. Currently, so-called “climate crisis” is being used to scare American citizens into accepting more and more UN control. I will work tirelessly to put a stop to this and exit the United Nations.

Downsize and Eliminate Federal Bureaucracy

The alphabet soup of federal agencies and departments have a stranglehold on American business and personal freedom. Agencies such as the EPA, the Dept. of Education, the IRS and others wield far too much power, and effectively write laws, something only the legislative branch should be able to do. I will fight to downsize and eliminate federal bureaucracy, and push those powers back to the state and local governments, where they belong.

Jobs and Economic Growth

President Trump proved that growing the economy and lowering unemployment isn’t complicated. All it requires is an America-first attitude: cut taxes, unshackle businesses from bureaucratic red tape, stimulate oil and gas industries and reject “Green Energy” subsidies, and keep out illegal alien invaders. Do these things and America responds with a vibrant economy and a job for everyone who wants one. I’ll fight to restore President Trump’s America First economic agenda and block Biden’s plans to dismantle it.


I am a passionate believer in unrestricted school choice for all parents. Parents should have full control of their children’s education, including where and how they are schooled. Government involvement in education should be pushed to the state and local levels, as close to the people as possible. The federal Department of Education should be eliminated. Homeschooling parents must be encouraged, supported, and championed and included in any school choice plans involving vouchers or tax credits for non-government schools.

Ending Open Borders and Illegal Immigration

It’s time to immediately restore President Trump’s strong border security policies and as a member of Congress I will endorse a federal government shutdown until Biden folds on this issue. It’s clear that a strong border, tough policies, and ending policies like catch and release worked, and Biden’s decision to end them has failed. It’s time to take a stand.

Ballot Security and Clean Elections

Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1 bill must be stopped. If anything, federal legislation is needed to require photo ID in all elections, put a stop to unrestricted mail-in voting, ban same-day voter registration, and other Democrat ideas that enable and encourage vote fraud.

Fix Our Broken Congress

Congress is broken and, as a result, political power rests in the hands of a very few, notably the House leadership, and they wield it like a club. Congressmen and women who should play an active role in authoring legislation, debating, and proposing amendments wind up watching from the sidelines and rubber-stamping bills pushed by their leaders, often without having a chance to read or thoroughly understand them. The rules of the house must be changed, allowing for committees, and individual legislators, to once again play vital roles in the process of lawmaking. I will be a passionate champion for a return to effective and efficient Congressional rules.

Protecting Women’s Sports

The Biden Administration and other leftist allies endorse allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports, stay in battered women’s shelters, and even be housed in women’s prisons. This is crazy. The so-called Transgender Agenda is another part of the Left’s attempt to destroy the family and radically transform our nation into weak Pajamaboys to ease the Chinese takeover.

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