Who Is Tom Dunn?

Tom Dunn is a Conservative business owner and political outsider from Pawleys Island, South Carolina who understands the frustration and feeling of powerlessness normal people experience as they watch politician after politician fail miserably in their charge of protecting and defending the US Constitution, and of standing up for the people they claim to represent. Tom has accumulated a lifetime’s worth of business experience and acumen, and he combines it with biblical wisdom and a keen insight into human nature. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Denise, for 39 years.

Together, they raised three grown children of whom they are extremely proud, and now have six grandchildren whom they are actively spoiling. Homeschooling became a family activity early on when they discovered the public schools were helpless to address the individual needs of their kids, and useless at teaching Biblical truth and real American history.

A Life of Faith in God’s Power and Provision

Running a large, successful Christian drama ministry, along with Denise, taught Tom a great deal about how God takes our feeble efforts and miraculously produces the results only He can. Tom also learned the incredible power of encouraging people to stretch themselves and reach to accomplish things they never imagined they could.

Tom spent his early career years in sales and marketing, culminating with a 5 year stint as the sales manager at a nationwide sports photography business. Following that, he spent 10 years as a finance manager in the automotive industry. Finally, during the past 18 years, Tom has created and currently owns a successful advertising agency, which has taught Tom the power of perseverance and trusting God to faithfully provide, even when things appear bleak.

In 2020, Tom co-founded OverWatchUSA, a non-profit that “aims to reawaken, restore, and defend our Judeo-Christian Foundations and the Liberties afforded by our Constitutional Republic through community action.” The people of OverWatchUSA want to see America get back on the path of true Liberty, based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and a Biblical Worldview.

Together, Tom and Denise attend Live Oak Christian Fellowship in Pawleys Island.

Bedrock Lessons

Those are the bedrock lessons and skills Tom, a man of deep Christian faith and conviction, brings to his candidacy for the US Congress. He is passionate about never backing down from the fight against socialism and those who would destroy our great nation, and about finding solutions within the community wherever possible, neither trusting or relying on government to do what God intended people and communities to do for themselves.

Tom believes that is the place we are standing in now. The odds seem heavily in the enemy’s favor. Those who would undermine America, and who would destroy her if they could, have been planning and scheming their takeover for decades, while We the People have been asleep. It is Tom’s sincerest desire and pledge to fight back, to cast down socialist strongholds in Washington DC and here in South Carolina, and see a renewal and reformation of our culture, our liberty, and our constitutional republic.

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