I Will Stand 100% Against The Left’s “Wokeness”

  • I DO NOT agree with Defunding Police Departments
  • I DO NOT believe peaceful protests should ever be violent or confrontational
  • I DO NOT believe biological males have any place in girls or women’s sports
  • I DO NOT believe anyone should be forced to support abortion with their tax dollars
  • I DO NOT believe climate change is a major crisis requiring government intervention
  • I DO NOT agree with the Green New Deal
  • I DO NOT believe in open borders or in welcoming illegal immigrants without rules
  • I DO NOT believe in “sanctuary cities” or in free healthcare for illegal immigrants
  • I DO NOT believe America or Americans are “systemically” racist
  • I DO NOT believe Americans should pay “reparations” for sins they did not commit
  • I DO NOT believe American schools or businesses should have idea “safe spaces”
  • I DO NOT believe in victimhood or the victim mentality
  • I DO NOT believe in genital mutilation (sex-change surgery) for minors
  • I BELIEVE in a strong military focused completely on America’s defense and interests
  • I BELIEVE an ID should be required of all citizens in order to vote
  • I BELIEVE in preserving and protecting monuments erected by preceding generations
  • I BELIEVE in school choice for all parents
  • I BELIEVE in health care freedom of choice and informed consent

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